Tired….but things are looking up!

It has been weeks since the Fire and the wedding and I know I am due for multiple blog posts and information about… well, everything. Suffices to say a lot of changes have been happening behind the scenes. It will take some time for me to both process and figure out how best to take everything smooshing together in my brain and turn it into something I can write about. So, in the meantime I’m going to try to start posting about… well whatever comes to mind. I’m still not disciplined enough for regular posts but maybe that’s coming too.

I spoke of changes; two that have happened are graduate school and part time work.  I started graduate school and now am maintaining a blog for one of my classes (LOL): http://indiancreekbunkhouse.wordpress.com/.  Just to keep things confusing, I gave it the same name as this, although it’s called “Connecting out in the Hills” and will be focused mainly on school assignments and how rural communities continue to communicate and maintain relationships in the electronic age.  I am also now only working every other week at my NPS job (still a lot of hours but only away from home every other week).  The fires did damage the ranch and I want to be able to be available to rebuild and do what I can to help.  It’s hard to do anything from 160 miles away.  Luckily, I have supervisors and family who are working with me on both ends to make this work for everyone.  The upside on this is that I get to spend a lot more time in the place I love learning how to run a ranch and having energy jump into projects.  The downside is less actual income and having to give up health insurance (I know this is going to illicit a lot of responses and it is a blog post that I will write about in the future).  It’s the right decision for now, allowing me to continue to do the work I love with my NPS family and friends AND the work I need to learn with my extended family and friends on the ranch.

To conclude this post, here’s what’s happening right now.  There’s a fire east of us that D has gone to help a neighbor with.  Hopefully it’s small and with just a little help can be put out or controlled.  Another reminder that winter is still a ways off and that we still need rain.  It’s really easy these days to get depressed and overwhelmed and tired.  I want to share one place I go to find inspiration and hope:  http://www.ted.com/talks .  One of my favorites is Nancy Etcoff’s The surprising science of happiness .  Check it out!

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