Morning Walk…

This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Even after a breakfast of eggs and tea, crankyness and an overactive brain threatened the rest of the day. So, Neko and I decided to walk up Indian Creek to where D was baling up hay.

I hadn’t been up Indian Creek for a couple months and what a change the summer makes. The grasses, clover, and flowers were all starting to dry up, but it was still a beautiful scene, especially in the Cormack place:

It was hitting the high 90s, even at 10 am. I had my trusty water bottle, and Neko took advantage of the shade of cattails and muck ponds along the way.  Unfortunately, Indian Creek is lacking in good human sized swimming holes, but it was fun to watch her dive in and flop down in the mud and goop.

We made it to the Reanus place a couple miles later and checked out the old combine (and a few more muck holes).  This piece was abandoned years ago after an attempted seed-harvesting operation.  I don’t think the ranch has harvested seed since.

D finished baling for the day soon after Neko and I decided to settle into a nap under the shade of one of the bales.   So, instead of walking the 4-5 miles home, we crowded onto the 4-wheeler and rode home. A mason jar of cold lemonade later and I realized my mind and mood had gone back to its optimistic self.  Yea for beautiful landscapes!

Ummm…is this thing live?

Good then.   The site will be a mess over the next few weeks as I try to figure out what the heck I’m doing.  So please bear with me as I jump into yet another crazy project!  I’m not exactly sure what this is going to end up but hopefully the journey will be a fun one. I’ve been asked hundreds of times when I was going to start blogging, so I figured I’d square it and learn how to manage my own site as well.  Do it the one and a half full gal way :).

The name of the blog comes from the place I call home, although what I post won’t  be exclusively about living on a southeast Montana bunkhouse.  For one, I don’t live here 100% of the time and two… well, if you want to read just about ranch life, there already  well established blogs out there.  I’m just here to share some of my crazy, wonderful life with family, friends, and friends to be!