Ummm…is this thing live?

Good then.   The site will be a mess over the next few weeks as I try to figure out what the heck I’m doing.  So please bear with me as I jump into yet another crazy project!  I’m not exactly sure what this is going to end up but hopefully the journey will be a fun one. I’ve been asked hundreds of times when I was going to start blogging, so I figured I’d square it and learn how to manage my own site as well.  Do it the one and a half full gal way :).

The name of the blog comes from the place I call home, although what I post won’t  be exclusively about living on a southeast Montana bunkhouse.  For one, I don’t live here 100% of the time and two… well, if you want to read just about ranch life, there already  well established blogs out there.  I’m just here to share some of my crazy, wonderful life with family, friends, and friends to be!


5 thoughts on “Ummm…is this thing live?

  1. Hi Cin,

    Congrats on getting this far! You’ve built your infrastructure (mysql, apache, wordpress, on linux). Now, focus on content. I’ve been surprised by how difficult and time consuming writing has been. You’re pretty much running your own newspaper. What things will you discuss, what things aren’t you ever going to discuss, what will your production schedule be, etc. Do you want high traffic? Do you want ad-revenue? WordPress doesn’t really require a ton of coding but there are a lot of neat plugins. If you want to do additional coding you should be able to drop html pages onto /var/www/html/ for viewing.

    Post titles that do well in this form: # things to help you .

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for all the great suggestions! I’m doing the “jump in, fall down, and reach for the stars” method. I hope to have a blogpost weekly as well as info for July 7, 2012. It will be a challenge but one I think one I’m ready to embrace :).

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