Cloud Peak Wilderness 2

We woke up to the sound of mosquitos but took our time deconstructing camp. It was delicious having no concept of time. Note to all who hike with a dog: a two person tent becomes pretty tight with two full sized adults and a 35 lb dog! After a leisurely camp pack up, we continue to head up the trail, crossing a beautiful alpine valley.

Taking a couple minutes to check out an abandoned mine, my camera’s flash showed the deep hole that all of us almost walked into. Oops!

We crested Geneva Pass (10400 ft) and I hiked up to get a good view of the surrounding area. Wow! I had forgotten how much I love being at elevation, my body seemed to have endless energy- I wanted to keep bounding up all of the side hills to see what was on the other side. No disappointment there!

We spent the night at Lake Eunice where I worked on my fishing technique.

Neko was finally worn out, and we worried she might have overdone it as it was her first backpacking trip! She was limping all afternoon and wasn’t interested in playing her favorite stick or ball games. We started brainstorming ideas of how to pack her out and what we would need to ditch if she wasn’t feeling better by morning! It was a restless night, but we awoke to the warm sunlight trying to pierce through the tent’s heavy fabric. Another backpacker stopped in for a chat and Neko sprang to action for a game of stick. The little hound had completely fooled us and garnered hours of sympathy (and extra treats); we both felt silly for being such overprotective parents! After packing up, we choose to cross country to a beautiful little tarn for our last night in the mountains. More amazing views of Blacktooth, spongy marshes, and Neko was thrilled to find some snow to roll around in.

We arrived at the tarn with plenty of time to spare and vegged out for the rest of the afternoon, after all it was our last night before heading back to the real world.

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    • Thanks Ashley! It’s a side-project I started a couple months ago. I had limited internet access right now but hope to start posting on a more regular basis.

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